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3870x2 garbled/black screen! 10.5.5 iDeneb


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I'm about to snap my video card in half, I've tried so much to get this POS to work. Here's a rte-list-numbered.giflist of everything I've tried and the result:


Choosing 3870x2 driver during install : Garbled screen

Choosing Radeon HD base driver during install : no driver loaded

Choosing both : Black screen

Using any type of Natit including the 3870x2pkg.pkg on the topic of #RadeonHD in IRC : Black screen, sometimes with both my monitors on blank black screen, sometimes one monitor "no signal" and other blank black screen.

Using gfxutil and r3870.hex with and without edited pci string outputted from gfxutil and having hex edited atiradeonx2000 and info.plist inside of atiradeonx2000.kext per http://netkas.org/?p=55 (even tried two different versions I could find of triakis) : Gray screen or garbled screen that dimms after 5 seconds

Using above method but changing all "triakis" to "lamna" : black screen

Using efi editor for 3800x2 : black screen


I have also tried a combination of one monitor plugged in one port, one plugged in other, and both plugged in for each of the above methods. In addition, in between each of my different trials I did repair permissions and deleted the mkext file and cache file. Also, for many of those methods which were all unsuccessful, safe mode also stopped working until I used single user mode to reverse my changes.


In conclusion, this card does not work with OS X 10.5.5 for me. I have yet to see anyone post with this card working in 10.5.5. I am going to assume that all 3870x2 cards do not work with iDeneb 10.5.5 unless there is someone here who has it working. If so, please do tell how. Thanks!


P.S. I asked for help in #RadeonHD a few times over the past couple days but no one ever replies. Do people still use that channel?

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