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OSx86 on LG S1 Pro Express Dual


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I've been experimenting with OSx86 for the past 3 years now. I just recently installed iAtkos v1.0i 10.5.1 on my friends Dell Inspiron e1505 and now want to do it on my LG S1 Pro Express Dual.


I've tried installing it a couple of times on my system but the first problem that I come across is that my keyboard just doesn't work! I looked for a couple of solutions but then I just let go in vain and stop alltogether. I wanted to know if anyone has succeeded in installing any version of OSx86 on their LG S1's. I've looked through a lot of threads but haven't found anyone reporting a working install. Even if no one reports a working install I'd like to go ahead and be the first one! Any help would be appreciated!


Can anyone give me the name of a tool to get the complete hardware configuration of my system - like the ones I see in peoples signatures? Also, I have an Intel Pro/Wireless 3945BG Wireless Adapter NOT ABG (and I'm sure of that). Does anyone else have this wireless card? I know it's a lot of questions but kindly help me out - You scratch my back and I scratch yours. If you got any questions about installing OSx86 on e1505s ask me.




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