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iDeneb Installation Epic Fail x 13 Times

Edwin .C

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I am completely a newbie on installing Mac OS X so I ain't sure what to tick on that Customize page...


Here's my system information.


CPU : Intel Dual Core 6600 2.40Ghz

MB : ASUS P5B PLUS Vista-Edition

RAM : Kingston 1GB DDR2 x2

DC : NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

Ethernet : AttansicL1

Chipset : Intel i965p

Audio : SoundMAX

Harddisk : SATA 250GB




180 GB - Vista + Files


5.7 GB - iDeneb 10.5.5 Intel/AMD SSE2/SSE3 ISO Image Mounted


45 GB - Place for Leopard to be Installed.


*I used a China program called HD Helper to mount the disk image to a partition


I already fixed the boot0:error using the Vista disk so that won't be a problem


The first time I followed a guide and when I finished and boot up, fixed boot0 and then the screen goes black.


The second time to the thirteen time actually got the same thing, grey screen with an apple, and a grey cross sign on the top of that apple.


After that I found my motherboard cannot detect the SATA, but eventually fixed it for no reason.


Please help me to figure them out :)

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I misunderstood your solution and reinstalled the stuff again..


You mean I have to change the disk to AHCI?


Options Selected This Time

-Additional Fonts


-9.4.0 Kernel


-NVInject 256MB


I forget one or two of them already.

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