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Dell Vostro 1510 Laptop

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Hi Guys,


I've seen quite a few forum posts about the place mentioning the Dell Vostro 1510 as a great laptop to run OSx86 on. I'm just wondering if someone can tell me which versions work best of this laptop? (as I've seen all sorts - ones with GMA 950's, X3100's & Geforce 8400M's in them).


Also what would work/wouldn't work on these laptops (if anyone has had them in the past)?


Thanks for all your input!

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the one wiTH 8400M workes perfectly and is the best choose for OSX86 i got one and everything exept the mic worked


Just wondering - did you manage to get the headphone outputs working? I have OSx86 on my work laptop (945 chipset based) and most things seem to work, however there is a few things that don't. Also, were you able to get the battery meter working and manage to get the laptop go into sleep (I had trouble with this with my current work laptop on 10.5.4 [iatkos]).


What install did you use by the way as well?

Thanks for your help thus far.

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