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Hardisk problem when installing Jas 10.4.8


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Hi all,


I am new to this forum and really need your kind help ;)


I tried to install Osx86 of version Jas 10.4.8 on my XPS M170 laptop. I followed some wonderful tutorial on creating partition for MacOs and boot from the installation DVD successfully. But I got error message like


"disk0 I/O error"


a couple of times and then in disk utility, I can only see my harddisk and no any partition is visible.


At the begining, I though it might due to SATA harddisk issue. But my Seagate Momentus 5400 drive is Ultra ATA/100, not SATA one (However, runing system profiler did show my HD as SATA device).


I search this forum and found someone had reported similar problems before but with no solution posted. I prey this is not an unsolvable issue :angel:


So I am wondering if anyone know a solution to this kind of problem. Or can anyone who had successfully installed 10.4.8 on XPS M170 give some hints ?


Thank you very much.

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Dear all,


I fixed the problem myself after posting :) The problem is specific to XPS since its internal HD is password protected. After disabling it, I can see all the partitions :)


But then I got another problem, that is, it seems I can not erase the partition (Parition ID set to AF and made primary too while not active )prepared for MacOS. It seems the erasing process always aborts. Then the consequence is that I have no any parition to be selected as installation destination !


I would say this issue should not be a big problem. But if someone could help me in fixing it sooner, I will really appreciate. Youk now, since the very begining from re-arranging my partitions, 4-5 hours already passed :)



BTW, the version I am installing is




Then it seems the disk utility has been patched. Then don't know what's wrong ...



Thanks for your any help.

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