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Vista won't boot


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THE STORY(how I got the problem, a long and boring story, just skip it if you want):

Yesterday I was trying to install leopard on my dell dimension 9200, first I made the partition and formated it FAT32(20BG), then I went in to diskpart and made the partition active. I selected the partition and typed in the keyword 'active' I was to lazy to read the output from the computer and thougt it printed an error message. After typing 'active' 5-7 times I understod that it did worke. As normal the leopard installer didn't see my new partition only the 3 that it was shiped whit(I have tried for 2 weeks to install leopard but disk utilities can't find the new partition I made).



When I tryd to boot in to vista I got a error message after loading the HDs(just before the black vista loading screen), it was something like 'non-system disk[something], press any key to continue...' but nothing happend when I pressed a key. I went in to the vist boot DVD and tryd to repair my pc but it didn't detect any problem. In the command line I used the bootrec.exe tool to fix the mbr and the first sector or something like that('bootrec /fixmbr' and 'bootrec /fixboot') and now it just stops after loading the HDs, just a blinking underscore, nothing more. Can any one help me?


system specs:

dell dimension 9200

intel (core?) dual 2.4GHz


vist home premium

can't remember more


Sorry for my bad english and for writing a long boring story!



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