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GMA900 10.5.4 Full acceleration but, video acts wierd...


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I got my GMA900 Working on my desktop without a hitch, well sort of...


I have this wierd thing with video, i dont know how to explain it... i have pictures :-P


In iMovie 08, note the preview window, Front Row does the same thing when watching a movie trailer, but my downloaded things play just fine...


I dont have any problems with quicktime or VLC...


Does anyone have a clue what it could be?


I havent installed any Quicktime updates yet could that be it?






^ After quicktime update, fullscreen iMovie preview, no luck...


any suggestions?

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alright, tried that (10.5.5 Framebuffer), same thing except with mouse artifacts now...


so i reverted back...


thanks for the suggestion.


Nice setup BTW


Thats what im going for my next build :-P

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