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Keyboard fault


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Before I explain I would like to add that I have searched about my problem but cannot find any posts which pertain to my own issue.

I successfully installed iDeneb 10.5.4 three days ago and decided to buy a USB keyboard rather than patch the problem (I had heard there were issues with using PS2 devices, especially mouse).

So I bought an Apple keyboard, took it home and finally got passed the missing keyboard prompt upon initial boot up. This worked fine most of the day until the evening, I tried to install Xcode but it didn't succeed. I then uninstalled it with a script already on the system and upon rebooting, my keyboard would not work (despite still working in BIOS and Windows). I presumed the script I ran may have caused this therefore I reinstalled iDeneb and got the same problem. This morning I have installed JaS 10.5.4 and am still having the same problem (installation is successful, but upon first booting up I am asked to connect my keyboard). Can anyone offer their advice please?

Thanks in advance and much respect to those doing all the hard work.


I have just read this post advising to try a USB hub, I will get one of these and respond with the outcome.

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