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I have a gateway c-142xl tabletPC. I've currently installed Leopard 10.5.5 on it and I have almost everything working smoothly. After replacing the wireless card, I have everything working (except the tablet and the ATI 2300 HD mobile card). Now I'm not sure if it is possible to get the tablet digitizer functioning? I've been looking into "tabletMagic", and people have had luck with getting their IBM x61's working. My tablet has the same hardware ID as the x61s do, WACF004. It IS a wacom enabled tabletPC, and I hope I can get it working with tabletMagic or working in anyway. I'm not sure if the tablet is enabled through the serial port or USB(it says "Generic Bus" in vista). I would appreciate anyone who might be able to help me find out if I can get this working right.


I've tried using the same .kext that is required to use in the x61, but I'm sure there are some differences that would be required for use in my machine. I've also been looking a lot at this post:




Thanks for your time, I truly appreciate it.



Edit: I think it is through the serial bus. I looked up the "Generic Bus" in Device manager. I got the hardware ID of PNP0A05, and that is close to the x61 which has an ID of PNP0501. Also it is through the ACPI, on the ICH8M Interface Controller 2815.

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