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HP Compaq dx7400 - Easy Install, perfect mac.

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1. Order 1 x HP Compaq dx7400 with PCIe x 1 NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GT (that's a Dual DVI out board)

2. Insert Kal. 10.5.2 DVD

3. Boot, install.

4. Install NVKush.

5. Finish off your lunch, and get back to work.

6. Pick up USB to Ethernet Adapter from Apple Store ($39) on the way home.


Job done.


I used the compact form factor version, which made for a tidy little machine.


Only problem I noticed was that shutting down didn't always power off correctly.


Some research may show a similar machine with a compatible gigabit card - I didn't pick out the machine, I was just installing Vista on a bunch of them and I got bored of waiting for Windows Update.

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Moved to 'Buying thoughts, reviews, and recommendations' sub-forum.


This is hardly long enough to qualify as a review, let alone a tutorial, and until it includes a step-by-step on what to include for those that are new and need a legitimate 'tutorial', it's staying out of the tutorials section.

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<h1 class="prodname">HP Compaq dx7400 Small Form Factor PC</h1>Dual Video QE/CI only guaranteed with PCI-e 1x NVIDIA 8400 GS option.




1. Insert JaS 10.5.4 DVD

2. Boot up

3. Select appropriate packages from menu (if that's too hard for you, take it up with JaS).

4. Buy external USB ethernet.

5. Enjoy your hackintosh.


Seriously, it's not rocket surgery.


I did the whole install in my lunch break, including walking to the Apple store to buy the USB Ethernet.


I'll make sure to pick a highly incompatible PC next time so I can make a longer post.


I didn't write down every minute detail, I didn't even do any research. I just picked a bunch of seemingly good answers (ICH-9, Vanilla Kernel) and left the rest default.


Please stay tuned for my Walkthrough Guide to TETRIS.


*SERIOUSLY* If you can't get *ANY* version of OSX to install on this machine (and video card), you are an absolute prime candidate for buying a real Macintosh and should never consider servicing your own automobile, computer, or toothbrush.

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