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Help, need to reclaim back Windows


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I've read through the forums and I think I'm screwed but before I outright reformat, I want to make sure.


I tried to install Tiger on my Dell Latitude X300 using the Uphuck release and it failed miserably. Just as a FYI the specs are;

1.4 PM

intel graphics/wireless

30 gig hd partitioned into 2 drives of 25 and 5 gigabytes. The larger drive was for the preexisting Windows installation.


After I finished installing, Tiger would just load up to the gray screen and stay there. So I used the included Darwin bootloader to get into Windows and I deleted the partation that Tiger was on. This left me with 5gigs of reclaimed space. I used the Easeus partition manager to change format that space to NTFS and after that was done, I merged the two partitions together. The software asked me to reboot and I did and this is where things went downhill. For some reason, the laptop booted into Easeus to finalize the merging of the partitions. After it was said and done, I had to restart which gave me a blank screen with a "BO" error. I figure no problem so I put in my Win XP disc and did the FIXMBR route which didn't work. It now spits out the "operating system not found" message. I then put the Tiger disc back in and went to the disc utility hoping to see 2 partitios but there was only one.



What are my recourses besides reformatting? There is a lot of information on the harddrive that I do not want to lose...





I fixed the issue, as it turns out, the problem is with the harddrive. It wasn't set to be booted from. I had to use Cute Partition Manager to change it.

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