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[HELP NEEded] install leo on AMD Dell system


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hi , this is my first time on this forum so im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section .



i need help installin Leopard osx on my dell inspiron 531s AMD computer.*note im not trying to duleboot , but if you know a way to get osx part working let me know.


ok i have tried leo4all v3 , but it freezez at 80 % and i cant use my mouse or keyboard.


then leo4all v4.1 it installs , but after the restart it gives that screen with error : please shutdown or restart your pc .etc


problems: somtimes formatting to mbr it fails .also i dont know what kernals are or what the eff things are and i dont know what to do with them . i pick the best ones after reading the info . .?




DELL Inspiron 531s

AMD Athlon 64 x2 duel core 5600+proccesor at 667mhz - 4dimms

4GB ddr2 sdram

640 GB serial ATA HD

nivida geforce 6150 le intergrated graphics gpu

intergrated 7.1 channel audio

19 in 1 card reader w/bluethoot

USB keyboard and mouse *not a ps2 key or mouse .



PLZ some one :P help me i been trying for the past:censored2: 7 days. :P:P


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