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making use of acpi Fixed Feature button


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the power button doesn't work in any way on my mac os 10.5.5,


so I was wondering why, done some research,

and i found out my button is called acpi fixed feature button,

and it is not recognized by my mac os for now.


some people say that mac os doesn't recognize their buttons, but the buttons can wake up their hackintoshes from sleep mode,

but my button can't.


for now, I want to make my button be able to wake my computer up - I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse but can't awake my computer, so if I can't wake my computer up by the power button, it will be hassle to wake up every time my computer goes to sleep. what do I do now?

I tried to make some change of BIOS settings, but no luck..


also I want to make the power button work as the one on a real mac does.


CPU: Pentium E2160 (64-bit dual core, 2.00GHz)

MB: Unitech legend G31 Speed (Intel G31)

RAM: 2x Samsung 2GB PC6400 ones

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