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Quadro fx4500 from pc to mac osx and linux. HELP


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Hi everyone,


I need your help.

I have a really bad problem.


explaination :


I have a Nvidia quadro fx4500 512MB that worked on a pc opteron 265*2. As I wanted to get a new computer, I decided to buy a Mac pro.

This is it, I bought a mac pro intel Xeon quad proc. 2,8GHZ. When I bought the mac, it was given with OSX of course and a ATI HD 2600. I just added some ram to get 6GO for the moment.

The RAM is ok, macosx see it correctly.


As I need my fx4500 to workon it, I wanted to flash it with nvflash last version 5.67 with the floppy because the mac didn't see the card. The display doesn't work.


( for the power supply of the card, I reused a cable from my PC, and pluged it, I say this because the cable is not pluged directly on the mac motherboard, if this is the problem, because I hadn't any cable at that moment)


The flash and upgrade mac.rom was successfully done with a windows 98 boot floppy boot, then floppy with nvflash, .txt, correct quadro fx4500 mac.rom, and CWIblabla...).

( dir, then -b backup, then --check, finally -4 -5 -6 -j and the rom name ) -> UPGRADE succefull


Then I just retried to plug the quadro on the mac pro. He didn't see it. So I thought I could plug the 2 cards (ATI + nvidia) with the ATI on port 1 and quadro on port 2.


OSX launches correctly, but the OS doesn't see the quadro, it just says "display", can display the name"nvidia" and the correct ID, but just 0x009d for the ID card. After having try to edit NVreser.ktext (something like that) and NVHS20 (idem), it didn't worked too, the card is just not recognized..



As I wanted to add linux opensuze 11.0 on another partition, I thought I could make worked ATI card for Macosx and Quadro for linux.

I bought a new HDD SATA 320 to intall the opensuze on it. The installation worked until I saw that the 2 graphic cards were not recognize, the ati or the nvidia don't seem to be seen by linux.


Please, can you help me.


I just want to make my Quadro fx4500 work on Macox AND linux. I don't want three partition, only a dual one... And I don't care about the ATI card, but even after the quadro being flashed, the OS doesn't see it properly :)


THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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