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updating dell e520 to 10.5.5? (kalyway 10.5.2)


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Hi everyone, I have a Dell e520 with the following hardware:

2.8gHz Pentium D

Netgear GA311

Nvidia GeForce 7300LE

Griffin iMic

(not sure what motherboard I have)


everything has been working perfectly on kalyway 10.5.2, but i now want to play spore on my e520, but the minimum is 10.5.3, so it looks like i'll be updating.


now i've tried updates before, and they did not go well. following netkas's instructions caused my computer to suffer a kernel panic which resulted in a format and reinstall.


I think i got this kernel panic because:

1) I was not using the vanilla kernel, i was (and still am) using the patched kernel for sleep mode or something

2) I did not have EFIv8 installed

3) He wrote something about using different kexts for pentium D at the bottom.



(that's the tutorial)


can anybody help me?


I am willing to do absolutely anything, i.e. format, download different disk images, etc. as i've got all my stuff backed up on time machine now. 8-)


Thanks loads in advance,


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