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Black screen after booting


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I've got a question regarding booting.

I had a sucsessfull installation, but after booting from the Harddisk, I get a black screen (and no line signal).



CPU: AMD Althon

Graphic Card: NVidia GeForce 8600 GT


Can someone help me?




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This happens to me to, but two differant ways. What install were you on?


This is all on Leo4all 4.1


A: Is your monitor still on or does it turn off?

If your monitor is still on and you see a "glowing" black with your monitor light still working (mines blue). Leave it alone. My OSX takes about 10 minutes to boot, runs some script then goes blank, 2 minutes later OSX starts.


B: Does your monitor turn off?

If your monitor turns off then you might have the wrong drivers installed for your 8600 GT. Try leaving it alone and seeing if you can hear the opening mac music.... Its like the Mac is running but your video card isn't working.


The Fix to problem B: was to install NVKush as my drivers.

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