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SOUND issues! Pleas help!


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So alright.

I unplug my headphones from my Macbook Pro to use my speakers. Nothing happens, and I can't adjust the volume. I go into sound settings and it says "Digital Output Built-in Output" No built in speakers...Then when I plug my headphones in it says "Headphones Built-in Output".

Also, when I unplug my headphones the headphone jack has a red light shining out of it.


What I think caused the problem.


I got up, tripped on my headphone cord.Pretty hard too, it bent the tip of my headphone's "male" plug. So did I ruin some connection in the computer? or is this is a leopard issue? I haven't tried restarting yet. I'm in the middle of something, so I can't just yet, but I will try that.


Any other suggestions?

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