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Insanely Terrible Xbench results Please help!


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So I ran Xbench lastnight just to see what I had. it was 64, so I can it again...and it was 70. Why am I getting such terrible results? Do I need to install QE / CI seperatly or is it just on the OS? im running leo4all 10.5.2 using the 10.5.2 nvidia kexts that came on disk and the Krush ones too. here is what my system is comprised of.


LEO4ALL 10.5.2

temporary P4 2.8 until I get my E6600 back from intel.

GA-965P-DS3 1.0 F10 bios

2 gigs XMS ddr2 667

EVGA 8800GT 512

Baracuda 400gig

M-AUDIO firewire 410


Any help would be much apriciated. I am downloading spore to test out the graphics and system but after seeing my score I almost shat myself.


THANKS in advance.


Oh yeah, and I installed civ 4 and played a bit. So I know something is working with the graphics

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