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Build new OSx86

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I still have a ton of PC parts at home I can use for that MacOSx86-Baby:

- Sparkle GeForce 8800 GT - 1024MB

- Watercooling System for 775 Socket by http://www.webshop-innovatek.de "Made in Germany" :-)

- 2 x 2GB OCZ ReaperX http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...hpc_4gb_edition

- Yesico Fanless Power Supply ATX http://www.yesico.de/en/products/fanless-s.../fl-480atx.html

- 2 x 300GB Maxtor HDDs S-ATA - I would also buy S-ATAII (500 or 1000GB) if they are suported my Mac OS X!


I have a original retail Version on Mac OS X LEOPARD, iATKOs 4.1 Server 10.5.4, Leo4All 10.5.2, Kalaway Leopard 10.5.2!


In 50% of the threads they recomend Intel DG31PR, others recommend Asus P5E-VM HDMI, or Gigabyte P35 Mobo!

What would be your recommendation for a "easy to install, fast and stable" OSx86 PC?!?!?

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