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uncomplete Installation is rebooting


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i have installed osx86 in former times with no problems. Now i want to try Leopard.


I have tried two Laptops wich have three partitions (Windows XP, debian and osx86)

- IBM T42, centrino 1,4GHz, ati radeon7500

- IBM T60, core2duo 2 GHz, ati x1400 mobile

and three OSX-Distributions:

- iDeneb 10.5.5

- JAS 10.5.4

- iAktos 10.5.1


And in every possibe constellation the installation starts normaly. I can format the osx-partition, i can take my choices (kernel, driver, patches). Then about 15-10 minutes before the installationprocess will be ready, the systems does a reboot (without any hint). Ist this the normal way?


Can anybody give me a small hint?

I also tried "cpus=1" and "platform=X86PC" at the prompt of the installation-dvd without effects...


Thanks a lot


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