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building a 8 core machine

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Well after 2 years of hackintoshing i've decided to go back the a real mac. :(

the endless reinstalls tinkering with drivers and hardware was fun but in the end...

i just want a stable working machine for every day usage.

nah im not going to scrap my rock solid asus P5W DH (Q6600 @ 3 GHz) but going to convert it to a windows media center/ games machine. any way back on topic:


I found a nice article http://www.o0o.it/pro/

It tells about upgrading an mac pro from 4 to 8 cores.

It realy sounds great so i whent out hunting for cheap quadcore xeons.

I found a pair off xeons for less that 100 euro's 2 identical E5320 i just must be lucky

there 1,83 GHz processor that will be over clocked to 2,33 GHz

just bye tapeing of 1 pin on the cpu. (basicly the FSB gets bumped from 1000 to 1333 MHZ)


So now I'm off hunting for a machine... :D


are there any 8 core users out there?

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