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Dual Booting Different Graphics Cards and HDD Question

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Hi everyone.


Two Questions:


I'd like to dual boot vista 64 and OSX 10.5.5, but use *DIFFERENT* graphics card for each.


Currently the radeon 4850 isn't supported on OSX 10.5.5 (give 'em a few more days :( ), but it is (obviously) supported in Vista 64.


So I'd like to use a different graphics card, I have a few spare Nvidia graphics cards, or buy a cheapo radeon 3650, for temporary use in OSX--disabling the 4850, and in Vista use the 4850 for gaming.


Is this feasible?


Next question:


I'd like to use seperate hdd's for each OS.


Two 74gb Raptors in Raid-0 for Vista 64.

A Single 160 GB hdd for OSX

and a 500GB HDD for animal pr0n.


How can I accomplish this? From what I've read, Darwin Booter can't load os's from other disks, neither can Vista's bootloader. If you could point me in the right direction, I'd much appreciate it.


EDIT: I think I found the answer to the 2nd question. Will update with more info.



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