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Maximus II P45, Supreme FX X-FI 8CH AUDIO

Kemal Ercelik

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I'm Sorry to bother you guys but i read alot of threads and was very impressed by your intelligence and knowledge. Alot of people respect you and now i am at your mercy!!!


I hope you can find a solution to my problem. I have a maximus II p45 mainboard, Nvdia 9800GTX Graphics card, SupremeFX X-Fi 8-CH Audio. Now Kalyway V8 installs successfully and i am able to boot to desktop.


The only issue i am having is sound and graphics; i've tried everything to get the graphics card workin to its maximum resolution:

If i use the vanilla kernel to install graphics card works on full resolution 1680x1050 but when i click on a menu bar of any sort no writing is displayed which obviously has compatability issue, if i boot with the default sleepkernel the graphics card optimal rate is at 1024x768 but with no problems.


The sound: has never worked whatever i have done i've disable the HD mode in bios. tried sudo rm in terminal and repairing permissions in disk utliity. I have looked everyway with no luck.


I would be very greatfull if you could resolve the above issues. Thanks in advance you are the man.



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