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Sleep works only once

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Yesterday I've upgraded my P5K Premium to P5Q Pro. Successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.2 after flashing modded BIOS.

Everything but Sleep works great (non-working nic and sound doesn't bother me).

I'm using stock 9.5.0 kernel which I've got after updating to 10.5.5.

The issue is that my PC goes to sleep first time but doesn't wan't to sleep again after I wake it up. That is HDD and display go to sleep but nothing else. I have S3 only mode set in BIOS (tried Auto too).

With my previous mobo stock 9.5.0 kernel was able to sleep with no problems.


Did anyone have same problem?

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Thanks, I'll try

execute disable fonction on enable ! Max cpuid on enable ! hpet enable! memory remap feature on enable! microcode updation on enable! acpi 2 support on yes ! acpi apic support on enablr!



Didn't work.

Enabled: max cpuid. everything else was enabled.

I have no options for HPET or microcode update in BIOS :censored2:

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