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please help diagnose hard disk failure, and determine options

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Hello everyone,


The other day my main HD up and died. I had suspected it was on its way out, but had postponed buying a new hard drive to back up with. Was planning to do it next week, but it seems it couldn't wait.


It had been making a few strange sounds that sounded like extreme disk activity. It is a 500 GB sata Seagate drive. One day I went to unsleep my hackintosh and there was a very long beach ball. I put it back to sleep, awoke it once more, and the screen was full of a million different colored lines, and a spinning beach ball. I tried a hard reboot and it didn't even get to bios.


Here is a description of what is happening with this hard drive:


- It spins up and doesn't make any strange sounds as far as I can tell


- It is not detected by bios at all


- When it is plugged in bios does not detect any other (healthy) sata hard drives that may be connected


- When it is plugged in upon booting the computer the screen remains black with a solid white (not blinking) underscore at the top left corner. This is before the bios. If I leave the computer alone for a few minutes, it eventually gets to the motherboard splash screen, and hangs there for about twice as long as the first black screen. It then proceeds to try to detect a boot disk and fails to do so (I will post the exact text later).


- Because bios won't detect any hard drives if the faulty drive is connected, the only way I can take a better look at things is by booting into a kalyway install on an external USB hard disk (an ipod actually). There I was able to determine that:


- Disk utility does not detect the drive at all

- System profiler freezes if I try to request disk information

- there is no rdisk present in /dev for the disk

- Data Rescue II freezes when launched


The disk contained a vanilla install of OS X and a great deal of important video footage and pictures, so I don't want to give up hope just yet of recovering any of it.


My questions are these:


1. What type of hard disk failure do you think this is based on the information I've provided? Has anyone experienced anything like this?


2. Is there anything that can be done to salvage data from the disk, aside from bringing it to a professional? (It is not worth $1000+ to me to recover the data on the disk)


Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


~ binary_miracle


P.S. Yesterday I tried freezing it in my freezer for a few hours and then plugging it in. No luck. :)

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sure get Data Rescue II - Mac demo from there site


try it find out if you could see your drive

if so download this file


@ the pirate site

well you know what to do for the rest


next time get a second drive and use time machine :censored2:

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Well your :)

sorry i read the post but dit not see that.

well one other comes to mind diskwarrior

there are only a few other programs out there not many

artical wil a list of 5



Under windows there are many programs maby its wiser to install windows and install

macdrive http://www.mediafour.com/products/macdrive/


good luck to you

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