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Not your usual sleep problem.....


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I feel silly posting this because I've had such great luck with my Hackintosh install so far.


I recently repartitioned to get more drive space and successfully got 10.5.5 going on my Thinkpad R60 (specs in sig). I used the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD and did the 'newb's 10.5.5 upgrade' found elsewhere on this forum. Everything went smoothly - I had to hack the wireless and video kexts to get WiFi and CI/QE up but that was expected. I added a couple of kexts to get my battery indicator up and that works great.


The problem I'm having is: when I activate sleep mode, the CPU fan turns off, the HD spins down and the cursor disappears, but the display won't black out (turn off). In effect, the computer is 'sleeping', but the display remains on. I've searched here and Googled in vain with no solution apparent.


FWIW, the display will not sleep after the designated set time in Power Save settings, although it will 'freeze'. Also, I don't get the classic Powerbook 'instant dim' that you see on real Macs. The system 'wakes up' after pressing a key or moving the cursor. I'm not sure if this is even a 'real' sleep state. Also, my screen saver kicks in and works fine. I'm using the 9.4 kernel and have booted in to different kernels (9.2, 9.2.2, etc.) with no apparent change.


Any advice/comments/hints are appreciated in advance.

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