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Installing boot132/DVDretail copy


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This is my hardware setup :

Q6600 Stepping B Revision G0

Abit IP35 Pro (P35+ICH9R) Chipset: P35/G33/G31 SouthBridge: 82801IR (ICH9R)

BIOS : Phoenix Technologies Version 6.00 PG


8800GT eVGA

Western Digital 500GB SATA


I am installing the osx on my external HDD. (Western Digital 500GB /USB)


What I did so far:


I burned a general-iso on to a cd, and try running the install...only it would tell me to restart at the apple logo screen.


After that, I tried installing with -v and gave me several errors such as

"Couldn't read user specified.."

"localhost mDNSResponder[48]: getHelperPort: cannot contact helper"


I'm assuming it has something to do with my swap cd and I do not have enough drivers or something..and I need to modify my swap cd for my build.


Problem is I have no idea how to do that...even after reading the how to guides and what not.


Is this a swap cd problem? Is there something else wrong that i'm not aware of?


Please let me know what more information you guys need to help solve the problem....Thanks a ton!

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