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Time to replace old laptop, best hackintosh laptop suggestion!


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Hi all,


I've got an older laptop (Asus M6Ne, which was awesome but showing it's age) that I would like to replace.


I was looking at the new macbook pro (for the 15,4") but I do find it on the expensive side for what it does offer. I don't mind paying more, but for that price, I can get HDMI, bluray, and so on. Also, I plan using windows alot due to engineering apps.


I would like your suggestion for two things... A great laptop brand which is robust and stylish (a macbook alternative). I was looking at the sony but I don't know their value regarding durability and noise.


Also, this is the reason I'm here, I would like an easy Hackintosh.


I buy from Canada, and ideally, a laptop available in big box store (like Future Shop, Best Buy, etc.) At the limit, I would consider Dell... I don't game on it, but I will use solidworks, autocad, etc.


What's your suggestion on a model / brand?



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