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Sata DVD drive unresponsive after power save


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Hello all looking for some advice on getting around a nasty bug that causes OSX to see SATA drives as HDDs and try to put them to sleep which puts SATA DVD drives in a looped state which only a reboot or power cycle through disk utility will bring back. This is not a new issue and has no preference to drive model(i've tried three), it affects all OSX users with sata dvd drives and is hella annoying .. there is a workaround found here:


but as the user in this relivant thread points out the benifits of power save on hdd outweigh the newsance of the dvd drive issue so the workaround is useless really.. does anyone have a idea on how we can get this working properly in leopard? If not lets hear some support from sata dvd users for a push towards getting this working. thanks in advance!




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