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Everex Stepnote won't completely boot iDeneb. Help please


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Hi all


So I burned the iDeneb disc at 4x. I booted it on my Everex Stepnote Laptop.

Specs are:


Everex Stepnote N Series model # NM3500W

1.71 GHZ celeron M processor (I do know for a fact this is an SSE2)

the bios version is 1.0A-2A16-8A20


I went into disk util, reformatted the hard drive as HFS + (Mac OS Extended) as per the instructions. Installation seemed to go off without a hitch. Upon restart of the computer I see the general everex startup window and then the Darwin white text on black screen saying press any key to enter startup options. If nothing is pressed it goes to a grey background/apple with the 'loading' spinning wheel. The wheel spins for about a minute. The computer restarts and is back at the everex system startup screen. It will do this in loop forever if left alone.


If when you get to the Darwin/x86 boot screen and you do hit a key to select the startup method. I select the hd and type '-v' to see what the diagnostic is. It runs a long page of text very quickly and stops at:

' BSD root : disk 0s1, major 14, minor 1' then a white box like it's loading. At this point it flashes some sort of line of text too quickly to read. What I seem to pickup before the flash is something about ' syncing discs ...killing all processes' and something else. Again it's so fast that if you blink you'd miss it. At which point it kills the whole thing and goes back to the everex startup screen and then continues the loop. I left it like this for about 5 minutes and it continually reboot and shut down to reboot again in loop the whole time.


If anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it.

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