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HP Slimline s3500t leopard install problems


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Have an HP Slimline S3500t

Motherboard Irvine GL6E

chipset GeForce 7100/Nforce 530i

Core2Duo 4700


Can't seem to install any of the MacOs discs (Kalyway, iAtkos, iDeneb) onto the system.


Was able to install to an external hard drive, then initially boot up on the slimline, however it doesn't recognize any of the internal hard drives...


anyone have any ideas or suggestions or any luck in installing macos to a slimline?



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ok this seems screwy to me

was able to install iatkos through my old gateway to an external USB drive

took the external drive, hooked it up to the slimline and was able to get the slimline to boot to the usb drive and start up mac os x - of course it has no drivers, and is unable to see any of the built in hardware on the slimline, i then took the usb drive that has mac os installed on it, plugged it into the gateway and rebooted, mac os x pops right up - can see the hard drive on the gateway etc

then took usb hard drive to friends asus laptop (triple booted with vista, xp and mac os) - booted from usb hard drive and mac os x opens up - doesn't see any of his native drives either though...

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Hello...I have this computer model and am also having problems installing Leopard on it. I'm wondering if you ever get it working the correct way?


And to everybody else who would like to help, what distro would you recommend installing with my hardware?

* Motherboard: Foxconn Irvine

* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4700 @ 2.60 GHz

* RAM: 2GB

* Hard Drive: Hitachi HDP725050GLA360 SATA

* DVD Writer: LG Electronics HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH10L ATA Device

* Video: NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE

Any help much appreciated.


Here's my other topic.

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