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Samsung SGH-D600 & D900 Modem


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I have got the samsung d600 modem working on Mac OSX and it dos aswell on the samsung d900, Just though ill post it in for thoses people who are looking for it.


DOWNLOAD (Please someone attach it or gives me permision and pms me Thanks)






How To Install


1st. Copy the Samsung D600 Modem file to \Library\Modem Scripts


2nd. Now you need to go to Internet Connect (plug your phone in via USB cable) and get it to use that script.


3rd. For the number and username/password you need to dial refer to your service provider!


However this did'nt work on my samsung tocco f480 but i did manage to work it, Heres What i did,

1st. Went to Network and went to SAMSUNG Modem


2nd. Clicked on Advanced


3rd. Went to PPP


4th. Clicked on Session then Configuration (as see on the screenshot)


5th. Tick "Send PPP Echo Pockets"


6. Now go back to the modem then Appy and Connect :)

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