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New Macbook or early 2008 Macbook Pro?

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Hi all, I´m from Argentina and i want to buy a laptop, the big deal is that in my country the cost of both mac´s is almost the same (U$S 2200). I´m interested in MB467LL/A (the new macbook) with a 2.4 processor or the MB133LL/A (the early 2008 macbook pro)

I guess the most important difference between them are:

Size (13.3 vs 15.4)

HD size (250 vs 200)

Video card (Nvidia 9400M vs Nvidia 8600GT).

I was looking in some forums and i saw that some people complain about the glossy screen of the new mac book, is that true?

My plan is to use the laptop for work and gaming (via bootcamp) but the of the screen really bothers me.

What will you do in my case?


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