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nothing works? no internet, usb... drivers where?

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I installed ideneb succesfully, but I've no internet, no usb, no audio, and i can change my resolution but i see short horizantel stripes on my screen when I move a window.


This is my pc:

Nvidia 8800GT

Intel Q6600

Asus P5N Sli


and for internet I can choos between cable and a usrobotics wireless pci adapter.


Can anyone please help me?

So also I have no usb


help would be appriciated :)



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oke there are differend versions of the P5N sli (a b c d e ?)

ideneb witch version are you using?


Did you intstall your drivers via custom install?

did you install a kernel and not vannila some other options:


ACPIPlatform - 1.1.0

AppleSMBIOS - DDR2 800

Kernel - 9.2.2 binpatched kernel or higher

Chipset Drivers - NforceTest

Audio - ALC883

Graphics Drivers - Nvidia kext and NVinject 0.2.1 512

Network Drivers - ForceDeth-V


do some reading here


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I have a P5N-E sli

and I'm using ideneb 10.5.5

ow and usb works already but it doesn't find my usb stick to have wireless network

a normal usb works but for wireless not

audio also works


but still the little horizantal stripes and the wifi..? Ow and lan is also needed

1 of the 2 lan or wireless please :)

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