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Dual booting Leopard, Vista - cannot get Vista partition to show up

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To give everyone the background on my machine, I'll just dive right in.


Running on a SATA drive, GUID, partitions look like this:

1) EFI, 200MB, HFS+

2) Leopard, 120GB, HFS+

3) Vista (hopefully), 80GB, NTFS

4) Leopard backup, 32GB, HFS+


- The Leopard backup partition is really useful for backing up the basics from the main partition (copied with Carbon Copy Cloner in case the main partition breaks with an update or something).

- Leopard works great (10.5.5), EFI partition is awesome for just hitting the power button on my machine and having it boot right up! Just have to pick whether I want to boot from the main or backup partition.

- I installed Vista 64-bit on the third partition AFTER installing Leopard (had to format it to NTFS too). I lost the ability to boot right in to Leopard, but I just booted up with my boot-132 USB stick and recreated the EFI partition and all is well.



The Vista partition does not show up in the Darwin bootloader. When I try to manually select it by passing the 'rd=disk0s3' parameter to the bootloader I get a crash.


I have also tried to bless the Vista partition:

sudo bless --device /dev/disk0s3 --legacy


But it doesn't work. Still not showing in the bootloader.


How can I get it to show? Should I be using another solution entirely to dual boot this machine?


Thanks everyone!

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I had the same problem and started using the Vista Bootloader after editing it with EasyBCD... just flag the Vista partition as active, boot from Vista (repair the installation with the DVD if necessary) and install EasyBCD, enjoy it!

Do you use an EFI partition to boot? Or do you use a USB stick or CD?


I started with a boot-132 USB stick, but moved the kexts that I put together to an EFI partition instead. Much better.


So since you are using the Vista bootloader, what happens when you start up your machine?

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I use an EFI partition to boot just as described in the link in my sig.


So, when I boot i get the Vista Bootloader with two options:

1. Macintosh

2. Vista

and a 15 sec. timeout.


So, when I choose Mac I get the Darwin bootloader and the Vanilla Mac starts... simple and efficient!

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