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RocketRaid 2304 on iDeneb 1.1- Dell Precision 670...RAID5!


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It works! I got a Highpoint Rocketraid 2304 card to work with a Dell Precision 670 with iDeneb 1.1 (Leopard 1.54). As you can see, I have a 5 drive raid5. I used a very reasonably priced 5 drive RAID case with a port multiplier:




If you read the customer reviews, people complain about the fact that it did not work with their RAID cards. It definately works with the Rocketraid 2304. For a couple hundred bucks, I could not find a better deal. Best of all, there is one eSATA cable going from the RAID card and the external case. The case has a port multiplexor so you don't have to connect 5 cables to each drive.


I also tried a Rocketraid 2220 on a Precision 650. That did not work. Other posts in the forum also elude to the 22XX series cards do not work.



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