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Trackpad/Mouse issues...


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Hello all,


Jalavoui's kext (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=114097) works almost perfectly for me. Keyboard is fine, and very importantly the tab under "System Preferences" called "Trackpad" FINALLY appears, but unfortunately I cannot get any response from the Trackpad (Synaptics).


However, if I use any other "ApplePS2Controller" kext, the "Trackpad" tab disappears but the trackpad does semi works.


The reason I need this kext is because currently with working kexts the trackpad operates very fast & inaccurately (even set at slowest setting) it behaves very animated & jumpy as it can't go diagonally in a straight line but instead go down in small steps and is very fidgety.


PLEASE, please somebody help, I have spent over a week looking for a solution, but cannot find much matching my problem let alone a fix...




HP Compaq 2510p

Trackpad = Synaptics





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