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firewire 400 - slow throughput speeds


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I have looked around and seen several other people with this issue. Has anyone come up with a solution?


Kalyway 10.5.2 > 10.5.3 > 10.5.4


Gigabyte p45-ds3l

old PCI TI firewire card. (Ran perfectly on win xp system)



Here's what I've noticed:


The "about this mac" recognizes the firewire card and labels it whatever is initially connected to it. If nothing is connected it simply calls it firewire 400


The system does not see any PCI cards, though this is a PCI card.


Hot swapping, etc. works.

The card works: capture from NTSC DV video camera is possible, FinalCutPro can control camera, etc.

Firewire Hard Drive throughput is about 20Mb per second. This is about 10 Mb slower than it should be.


This system smokes a friend of mine's Macbook in every single way -- except for firewire.


I've completely shut off the firewire as network thing.

I tried replacing the 10.5.4 iofirewirefamily.kext with a 10.4.9 kext file. I heard this solved some people's issues but for me, it resulted in the firewire 400 card being id'd in the "about this Mac" page, but the drive itself was not seen by the system and never turned on, etc.)


Any ideas?

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