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Which OSx86 installation do you recommend?


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Hi Insanely Mac members,


Which installation (iAtkos, Kalyway, Leo4all, etc etc) and which version would take the least modding of the kexts and therefore least effort for my system? I will be dual-booting this with Vista Basic. I'm just looking for an installation that I can try out the OS and make sure I like it before I invest in an Apple machine, which is probably the purpose of a lot of people here.


It's a Inspiron 530 with a stock mobo, Q6600 (Core 2 Quad @ 2.4GHz), 3GB of RAM, and a 8500GT w/ 512 MB DDR2 RAM.


With the install I'd like to have Ethernet internet working, along with 5.1 audio, and 1920x1200 resolution support with my graphics card. Honestly, that's all I'm asking (:


Hopefully, a resident expert of the forum can recommend me on where to go with this (:


Thanks so much in advance.

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