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All partitions gone


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I have the following config:


OSX86 (iAtkos) on drive 0

Win Vista on drive 1


Somehow Vista messed up the bootsector (HFS+ Partition error, later Operating system not found) of disk 0, so I tried to restore, without success (googled around anf found a lot of options).

But now the whole partition table seems to be gone.


If I boot the DVD and go into the Terminal and do diskutil list I see:



0: *465.8 Gi disk0


Before it had 2 partitions, 1 boot (I guess?) and 1 other: the contents itself with a disklabel.

Now the disklabel is gone, the partitions are gone, but there is some vital data (like emails) on the original partition.


If I go into fdisk and do a print everything is 0 and says UNUSED.


Do I have any chance to get this back anyhow, and if so, how?

Or do I need to put the harddisk in another machine to try to save whatever is possible and reinstall the whole thing? (I hope not... it was a lot of work to get the system up & running).



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