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Leasing problem with Apple Financial

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Hopefully I'm posing this in the right forum. We have a leasing problem and the representative at Apple Financial we've been working with is no longer returning my calls. I was hoping that someone here knew the contact information for one of the managers at Apple Financial. Here's what is going on:

Back in 2002, 2003, and 2004, our company entered into "fair market value" leases with Apple Financial. The leases in 2002 and 2004 were for 24 months. The lease in 2003 was for 36 months. Getting right to the point, unaware of these leases (the employees that started them left the company and the knowledge was never passed on) we've still been paying into them until just recently.

All in all, we overpaid on these leases by $36,000. Surprised that this was allowed to go on for so long, I found someone at Apple Financial in asset management. I put together a spreadsheet that included when the leases started, when they ended, how much we should have paid into them, how much we overpaid, and any other pertinent information. I estimated the buyout of the leases (which would have been in 2004 and 2006), padded the buyout cost, then added 6 months worth of additional payments (further padding the cost). I then requested the remainder be credited back to us.

After almost two months of sporadic communication on the part of the representative, I was simply told "no" to my request (left in a voicemail), without any reason why or option to negotiate (I called back, but have yet to have my calls returned).

I'm am shocked that Apple, a company that I always though positioned itself as caring about their customers, is unwilling to return even one cent to us or talk to us. We aren't asking for the full overpayment to be returned, only a little over 2/3rds. I feel that's a reasonable request. For Apple to keep all of the amount we overpaid seems immoral. How can that be justified? We never received notice that the leases were coming to a close. The only reason I found out about the leases is that one closed by "itself" (after 46 months of overpayment for a total of $15,812.87 that was overpaid).

The first time I the saw the lease paperwork and the amount we over paid, I had full faith that Apple would come through and do the right thing. So I again want to say that I'm shocked Apple is unwilling to do anything.

If you know someone that can help us, please let me know. My faith that Apples cares for its long term customers (we've been buying Apple products for our business since 2001) is dwindling.

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