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Anyone Lucky with DWL-G510


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I feel for you on this one. D-Link has @zero support for it. I fought with this one in Windows and Linux and finally gave up on it, bought a Netgear 802.11n series NIC and placed the @#@#@# D-Link in my ""{censored}" components drawer. It depends which version of the card you have. Rev. A uses Marvell Libertas and Rev. B user an Atheros chipset. I will update this as I find more information.Here is the link to D-Link that shows how to determine the version that you have. There is also a Rev C, but I have no idea which chipset it contains. Try using lspci to see what is reported by your OS.


Rev. B

  • Chipset: Atheros
  • pciid: 168c:001a



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