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ableton live 6.0.7 virtual midi keyboard not working ?


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I have iatkos v4.1i + 10.5.5 update installed on meh Lenovo 14.1" R61 7732-15M.

Things working :



- Speedstep

- BT a2dp headphones

- Ethernet


Things to be done:


- sleep

- SoundMax AD1984 sound driver

- Intel wireless 4965agn


I also got ableton live 6.0.7 installed. Now my problem is that the virtual keyboard that comes built in ableton doesn't work. I mean it doesn't respond to the lappie's keyboard. For instance, if i press the keys, no midi is played, also if i press the key "j" combined with ANY other 3 keys (like "h" and "k"), the mac graphic volume meter pops up..... WTF?


My guess is that the ableton software maps to a mac keyboard, not a PC keyboard. Has anyone experienced this, and then do you have a solution?


HaCkAtTaCk GoOdNeSs

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