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Need a MOBO to fit these parts!

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I've got everything I want to use, except a mobo. I need a mobo that will accommodate a/an:


Intel 775 Processor

240-pin DDR2 PC800 RAM



24-Pin 500w PSU (Can change)

HOPEFULLY supports 64 bit systems. If not thats ok


I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find a mobo from the HCL that is current. So any pointers would be great. Also if you think any of this hardware will fail under OS X let me know! Thanks so much guys!


EDIT: I'm looking at an ASUS P5E MOBO, so give me some thoughts guys, it will be greatly appreciated!


EDIT AGAIN: One other quick question. Would it be better to have separate partitions running OS X and Vista, or run a program like boot-camp?

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