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W3650 Problems


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OK Guys.. I went out and got a W3650 Walmart special to play with. I installed Leo4all 3 using a vanilla kernel and on the 1st attempt it worked great (except I didn't load the audio drivers)... So I figured that was so easy, I'd just do the whole install again with the 883 audio option and walk my friend through it as I did it... I repartitioned the HDD, loaded the OS, and when it went to reboot I got the "Still waiting for root device error"... I repeated this reinstall several times and all the same...


What could have changed??? Makes no sense...


The machine ran great- at least as fast as my 1.8 G5 iMac and Intel Mini - not quite as fast as my MacBook but much more comfortable to use in my den... What went wrong??


Thanks in advance..

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