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Firewire Audio Problems.


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Hi folks my set up is.


Asus M2N MX SE Plus motherboard

Athlon 64 CPU

Leo4all v3 - 10.5.2


I have a Focusrite Saffire Firewire soundcard.

I dont know the vendor/chipset of the PCI firewire card.


It seems the firewire card is running though as I can see firewire bus in the system profiler.


When I connect the sound card it shows "Unknown Device" is connected. I have the latest version of the drivers from the focusrite website.


There is a problem with AppleFWAudio I think. as according to this link




I should see this extension within the system profiler, however it is not there, and the AppleFWAudio directory is within /System/Library/Extensions. I can kextload this and it does not give me any errors, however it still does not show within the system profiler and my sound card is not recognised.


Any suggestions?


Thanks very much



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