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Hey all, Great forum. I'm about to switch from Pc to OSX and can't bring myself to pay $3000 for a MBP. I just can't do it!


I also travel quite a bit, so I need something thin and light, BUT a bit more umph than a netbook.


I've been looking at a LOT of laptops lately, trying to find the one that will work-Both for me, and for X86.


I haven't done any real programing since college, ten years ago. So I don't think I'll be writing my own kernels, but I do understand a bit of programing, so I'm not afraid to go into terminal...


That said, I'm looking for an easy way to see if a laptop is compatable with x86. I've checked the compatability wiki, but most of the laptops are older ones. I'm trying to find a laptop that's up to date on the specs. It's going to be my main computer, and my current laptop (5 year old acer) is going to be my media machine.


Current thoughts are a Sony Z, or a Toshiba 500, or an acer 6292.


Rather than ask a million 'will this work' q's, I'd like to thin out the list, then ask a few pertinent questions.


So, what do I need to know when looking for a laptop? I've looked for a sticky here on the forum, but didn't seem to find a definitive 'YOU NEED This, and you CAN'T Use this:" thread. Does one exist?


Thanks in advance!


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From what I've seen, it's a very bad idea to buy a new laptop and just hope it'll work for Hackintosh. Often times something just won't work, and it's a deal breaker if that something turns out to be proper video, audio, etc. Less critical things like wireless and LAN can be handled via add-ons.


Basically, I'd recommend identify a specific model of laptop that's known to be very good for Hackintosh, and then go find that same model.


Once you've identified a model, YouTube is actually a good place to see if someone has posted a video of the laptop running OSX. That really helped me to see someone else's proof that CI/QE really worked, audio, etc by seeing a video of the laptop I wanted to hack already running.


Hopefully someone around here has some model suggestions.


The last laptop I looked into was the Dell Inspiron 1525, which seems to work really well. A friend bought an Ispiron 1530, which failed to have working audio, wireless, or LAN. A lot like motherboards, the exact model numbers seem to make a huge difference.

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