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iAtkos 10.5.4 Freezes w/ a Light Blue Screen


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Ok so I have a two and a half year old HP notebook and I read online about this iAtkos v4 and I thought that it would be cool to install it because I have never really used the Mac OS before.


So I downloaded it and burned the image using Ultra ISO Premium, put the DVD in the drive and booted up. Everything installed correctly.

(well at least that is what the installation said)...


After installation it asks you to restart ... so I did but it always freezes at the blue logon screen (no cursor no nothing just a light blue screen)


Somewhat of a fix was that I take out the memory, boot it up, (on purpose) then hold the power button for 5 seconds and insert the memory, turn the unit on, and iAtkos v4 loads correctly.

There are however a few problems with this procedure. First, I would imagine that is is NOT in any way good for my notebook. Second, this procedure also does not always work.




Here are the specs of my notebook: (Note: the instal method is last)


Brand: Hewlett Packard

Model: dv4000 series

Exact Model: dv4405nr



-Brand: Intel

-Type: Celeron

-Model: Celeron M 370

-Clock: 1.5ghz

-Cashe: 1mb L2 Cashe



-Brand: Intel

-Model: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900

-Graphics Memory: up to 128mb shared... (memory can be set up to 64mb in BIOS)



-Brand: Nanya ( ??? :) ??? )

-Speed: DDR2 / PC2-4200

-Clock: 533mhz

-Sticks of Memory: 2

-Amount of Memory (total): 512 mb


Hard Disk Drive:

-Brand: Western Digital

-Model: Scorpio

-Size: 120gb

-RPM: 5400 RPM

-Model Number: WD1200BEVE

-S/N Number: WXH507005670



-Brand: Phoenix

-Bios Version: v F.12




Installation Method:

-Format Type: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)


-Bootloader: Chameleon Bootloader

-Additional Patches:

> Kernal:

-ToH Kernal 9.2.0


-Stock ACPI

> SMBIOS Drivers:


> Others:

-Software Update Enabler

-OHR (Open Halt Restart)


> System:

-Laptop Battery

> Network:

-Realtek 8139






My main motive for putting a lot of information up is because I have noticed that a lot of people complain about others not posting enough info. on these forums (lol)




If anyone has any solutions for my problem of freezing at the login screen, your help would be apprieciated :P Also, does anyone think that I should try a TOTALLY different install program( such as Leo4all, or Kalyway ) ??


(P.S).... yes I know my laptop has crappy specs. ... please don't remind me... and I will only upgrade my memory and CPU until there is a way for iAtkos to work on my notebook

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