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Blue screen at restart Mac OSX 10.5, and restart, and restart... please HELP ME !

Caroline Bonheur

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Hello !



First of all... excuse my poor English Language....


I shutdown my Macbook Pro as well yesterday.

Today : as I wanted to power it, it stays to the grey screen with the Apple logo, and the wheel...


So I tried the Option+Command+P+R restart, then the battery off, and the 5 seconds power button... without any change....


I did what it's noticed here : by Babonim : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=120155


And I was so happy to see that now, the grey screen passes as well... but... now... it's blocked on the blue screen. The wheel turns, then it seems as the blue screen is restarting, and the wheel comes back, and so on... more than one hour later... I don't know what to do ...


Could you help me ??


Best regards




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