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Emachine T3638 - Screen Resolution Options


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Hi Folks,

New around here and to Macs in general. I have loaded osx on my computer and everything is awesome except the screen resolution is very low and there is no option to change it. I would like some help resolving this. It only has 1024X768 as an option. It worked well with tiger but with leopard it does not give me any options. I am not a pro so any help should be on the grade school level! Thanks a Million! I have read some but seem to get confused as the thread progresses/digresses. here is my setup:




Type: Display

Bus: Built-In

VRAM (Total): 64 MB of shared system memory

Vendor: Intel (0x8086)

Device ID: 0x2772

Revision ID: 0x0002

Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded



Resolution: 1024 x 768

Depth: 32-bit Color

Core Image: Software

Main Display: Yes

Mirror: Off

Online: Yes

Quartz Extreme: Not Supported




Hardware Overview:


Model Name: Mac

Model Identifier: T3638

Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz

Number Of Processors: 1

Total Number Of Cores: 1

L2 Cache: 512 KB

Memory: 1 GB

Bus Speed: 800 MHz

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